BULK Space wants to help artists get excited about tech and learn how to utilize it in their work. The Media Lab’s programming will provide educational workshops focusing on technological advancement in the arts, resource sharing, and professional skill-building for artists to expand their practices. Some of our summer and early fall programming includes: projection mapping, technology play day, and camera general how-to’s and training. Make sure to sign up for mailing lists and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new Media Lab programming as it gets announced!  

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by Aiko Fukuchi
January 18th, 2024

27th Letter Books

Join us Thursday, January 18th, to celebrate the release of Aiko Fukuchi's book  "The First Mirror is a Night Sky". We're excited to host an evening filled with readings by AikoFukuchi, Owólabi Aboyade, and Alise Alousi at the 27th Letter Press, starting at 6:30 PM.

Address: 3546 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

This event is mask mandatory for everyone's safety.

LINK TO VIDEO by Radical Play
The First Mirror is a Night Sky is the result of Aiko's creative efforts while in residency with Bulk Space in 2021. The book follows a young person's perspective as they navigate structures and tensions without yet having the language or context to do so. Utilizing multiple mediums including prose, visual work and poetry, the book offers a rhythmic and layered narrative.

BULK Salon 

We are thrilled to invite BULK Spaces family and friends to BULK SALON, an intimate  6-year birthday party for BULK that celebrates the artists who have shaped our organization and marks a new beginning for our next chapter. On Thursday, April 27, 2023 from 6-8pm we invite you to join us at our residential location for light snacks, and beverages while being surrounded by former BULK Space mini grant recipients and residents artwork. It will also serve as an open studio for our 2022-2023 residents, Cyrah Dardas and Maya Davis.
Participating Artists: 

Aiko Fukuchi
Calvin Walds
Chelsea Flowers
Cherise Morris
Corina Fadel
Crystal Palmer
Cyrah Dardas
Franchesca Lamarre
Halima Afi Cassells
Ivan Montoya
Kris McKinney
Lorena Cruz
Marcus Elliot
Maya Davis
Michela Ayers
Rachel Pontious
Sam Seurynck
Sara Nishikawa
saylem celeste
Shaina & Bryan Baira
Shanna Merola
Suraj Bhamra
Tammy Lakkis
Tia Nichols
Vincent Cervantez


May 20th 2022 - August 20th 2022

A Group Exhibition at BULK SANCTUARY by 

Maya Davis
Sofia Bicego
AL Knepley

The current installation is a homage to the transitional space of Shiloh Temple. A building which has consistently remained a gathering space over years, changes in ownership and changes in the people surrounding the space. A synagogue, a church, a community center, abandoned, a space.

Windows very much boarded up until you want to feel the wind blow, and for the light to shine in. But boarded up again when you leave for the day or a week. Think the space would benefit from a little less damage from anything open windows may bring.

But boards off again when you want porcelain chimes to collide by push of the wind, and boards off when you want shattered pieces of stain glass to spin almost recklessly in the sunlight, and boards off when you want mulberry trees that are already everywhere to not shrivel up and die from lack of sun, and boards off because you want people to hear the rings, see the spinning, remember the trees.  

But boarded up again when you leave for the day or a week. Think the space would benefit from a little less damage from anything open windows may bring.

Each piece within the installation is an acknowledgement of the almost, the once was, the will be and the what is now. From reforming evidence of the space’s neglect by inviting the invasion and recomposing the shattered, to welcoming breath of passage by resonating the push and signaling to something not necessarily better, but something acknowledged; something not abandoned, but something left behind.