Sonics of Relation is a (virtual) space for iterative sets between writers and sound artists. In each SoR set, a writer and sound artist are brought into dialogue and invited to respond to each other's work. SoR hopes to be a space where writers and sound artists operating in different locations and practices can realize and share work that translates, rearticulates, and dialogically moves across form, medium, and tool. SoR is inspired by the work of Martiniquan philosopher and writer Édouard Glissant, particularly his book The Poetics of Relation. 

The first SoR set is between writer Tash Nikol and A Space for Sound, Rena Anakwe.  

Tash Nikol, is "a writer & printmaker, arts administrator, user experience designer and curator. Currently living between Munsee Lenape (Brooklyn), and Muscogee Creek (Atlanta) territory. [Nikol] is from Black-Choctaw-Houma ancestry and works to further explore the history of Black Indigenous ancestry in poetic language and healing, while making links to new futures and emergent technologies.

Rena Anakwe, A Space for Sound, "is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and healer working primarily with sound, visuals, and scent. Exploring intersections between traditional healing practices, spirituality and performance, [Anakwe] creates works focused on sensory-based, experiential interactions using creative technology. [Anakwe] is based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Nigeria and Canada."
Notes on Noise is a composition book composed of a series of poetical journal entries written in Detroit and Ramallah, interspersed with diagrams, writing prompts, altered screenshots, critical theory excerpts, images, and invitations to de re and co construct thoughts on sonics, blackness, urbanity, and crisis.

Text and Images: Calvin WaldsDesign and Editorial: alexander knepley

*Readers are encouraged to share their responses, notes, and questions at*

Notes on Noise is available as a pdf. Limited edition physical publications- printed and pressed in Detroit- are available. Any profits after printing costs will be donated to the Jordan Valley Solidarity project in Palestine.