BULK Space Incubator Residency

Bulk Space x Talking Dolls is proud to provide innovative and experimental artists with studio and exhibition space. We are committed to uplifting the craft of marginalized artists such people of color and the LGBTQ community by providing individuals with room to take up space.

The state of the arts in Detroit is in a precarious place–defined by the way the city engages with the needs of creative thinkers on global and grassroots levels. BSAR allows artists to cultivate projects that push the traditional boundaries of their mediums.

We will uplift the practices of Detroit based artists while activating our west side laboratory–a former church and place of worship to highlight non-traditional mediums such as performance, installation, and new media arts. The 3-month residency will culminate in a public exhibition at BULK Sanctuary.

BSAR is a Knight Arts Grant Detroit award recipient and a sponsored project of Allied Media Projects
Summer 2019