Bulk Space provides room for marginalized artists to take up space.

BULK Space Artist Residency
BULK Sanctuary
Art Mile 2021


Room Project X BULK Space Presents: 

Cydney Camp: “Blue Sky, Green Grass”
We’re so excited to support Cydney Camp’s newest installation, featuring a new body of work, at Room Project in the front window space. The installation is on view at 6513 Woodward Ave. through June 4th!

Cydney Camp:
Blue Sky, Green Grass offers a moment of tranquility, nostalgia, and play.  Centered around two paintings Juneteenth (Teenth) and Gardening Man, the installation invites the viewer into an immersive and verdant world that is complete with live plants, atmospheric paintings, and outdoor accessories, that all flourish under the sun.

During a current time of social distancing and growing collective anxieties, the vignette is a grounding reminder that our rich existence is cradled between blue sky and green grass.”

May - June, 2021