Lorena Cruz - Tejidos Mixtec Basket Weaving Workshop
/Sidewalk Detroit

Learning to basket weave started with a desire to preserve indigenous arts from the Mixtec region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Learning to basket weave is one way I approach decolonization in order to unlearn colonial standards placed upon indigenous people. I share the knowledge I have to ensure that the practice of basket weaving survives into future generations.

During this workshop participants will learn how to make baskets in the Mixtec weaving tradition. There will be pre-made baskets that people can learn on, or they can be taught from start to finish. Additionally an informational pamphlet will be available to participants or anyone passing by. This structure will allow for people to engage in many ways with this weaving tradition.

In addition to learning how to weave, the workshop’s goal is to teach people about the history of this weaving style. Along with a short history of the tradition, the pamphlet will include instructional illustrations along with information that introduces my artistic practice and my basket weaving teacher’s story. This will allow people to get a holistic view of how this tradition is being kept alive.

July 10, 2021