by M Pofahl

In PULP, I have collected research on themes of juicy sauce, unrefined versus refined matter, and the propagation of the sticky debauch phantasms. This project's first stage has been creating an archive that I recently published as a small run artist zine. Using Pulp novel covers, I made a series of collages that I think of as studies for a larger piece. In this series, I begin to re-appropriate the Queer coding in the works of Camp produced by Straight, Cisgendered men, and rewrite the narrative.

First published in 2020 
16 colour pages, laser printed on cream paper
4 x 6.5 in
Edition of 25

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M Pofahl is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator based in Detroit, Michigan, with roots in the South East United States. Pofahl holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art. During their time in Detroit, they have worked with various art institutions, including Science Gallery Detroit, Wayne State University, Project Art Detroit, and Red Bull Arts Detroit. Pofahl is currently a curatorial fellow at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, where they focus on work that pushes societal, technological, and conceptual conventions.

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