F.Y.G. by Vanessa Reynolds

F.Y.G. is a short film that serves as a response to police surveillance disproportionately affecting black neighborhoods in Detroit. From the front porch, to every corner store, unconsenting data is being collected and transmitted through unregulated technology beneath a guise of protection.


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Alberte Tranberg: Laying the Second Brick

In Tranberg’s third project with BULK Space, she will intertwine her works within the framework and history of the former Shilo Tabernacle - setting the stage of a space in still movement. Interfering the natural elements on site gently enhancing a sense of the ever present body.

Delving into the properties of the built environment, Tranberg investigates how we as individuals constitute our presence through interior settings of our homes. Echoing the spiritual bones of BULK Sanctuary, the exhibition will play into our beliefs of safe space. Through material landscape from construction and metalwork, Alberte will queer the imagery of domesticity in a site-specific installation.

The exhibition will be on view through November 13th, each Saturday from 12-3, by appointment only.

About Alberte Tranberg
Alberte Tranberg is an artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2018, Tranberg graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art with an MFA in Metalsmithing. At Cranbrook she developed her practice by immersing herself in sculpture as an intervention to notions of domesticity and gendered architecture. Having previously worked at a water treatment plant, producing, developing and maintaining plant parts and machinery-Tranberg is a certified metal worker.  Prior to her time at Cranbrook, Tranberg was a metal worker in an all-women’s blacksmith shop; customizing furniture and interior elements mainly in steel. Tranberg is a recipient of a Fulbright sponsorship which has supported her work in the United States. Tranberg currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact for appointment:
IG: @bulk_space

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October 23rd - November 13th, 2022
BULK Space
15700 Muirland St. Detroit, MI 48238

Laying the Second Brick Installation Photography by Clare Gatto

Tiny Announcement:
BULK Space teams up with Red Bulls Arts Detroit !


After ten years, Red Bull Arts will close the physical exhibition space and artist residency in Detroit. The program will present a series of digital projects through the end of the year and will continue to partner with community organizations in 2022, including Art Mile, BULK Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), and Underground Resistance. Over the coming months, the team will donate the space’s equipment and materials to local organizations.

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