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Ideation Residency, FAQ’s

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I have a collaboration partner, do we each have to pay, what if we share a bed?

Duo’s and collaborators are welcome but will have to pay the same price as an individual artist.

I can't make it for the full time, what does that mean?

We welcome residents to come and go as they please but do expect folks to commit to at least a one month stay.

Is the building ADA accessible?

Unfortunately, we are not currently ADA accessible but we expect this to change soon!

I don’t have a car. Does this residency provide transportation?

BULK space does not provide transportation. We are located near Woodward Ave., where buses run.

I can’t afford to pay at all. Does bulk have scholarships?

At this time we do not have scholarships available. We are happy to provide letters of support for participants who are seeking outside funding to attend.

Do you provide bedding/towels?

Towels and bedding are provided.

Are we doing an interview?

Yes, if you are a finalist for the residency we will ask you for a 15-30min Q&A with BULK members.

Timeline of applications?

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and will be closed seasonally on the 15th of April, the 15th of August and the 15th of December.

When you say self-driven what do you mean?

You will be responsible for creating your own work schedule and flow. We will offer one group meal and one studio visit per month that will depend on your and our visiting curators availability.

Is there liability insurance?

Each resident is responsible for their own belongings–we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. If you are concerned, we highly recommend looking into travelers insurance before attending.

Do we help with Visas?

We do not help with Visas and encourage folks who are from abroad to consider attending on a tourist visa.

What am I expected to share with the other person?

We will inform you of who will also be in your residence prior to your arrival. You are expected to share a large studio with one other person, during orientation you will be able to discuss personal boundaries such as studio habits, sleeping schedules and personal needs.

I made artwork while I was there and it’s very big–can I store it.

Each artist is responsible for making sure that their artwork is shipped prior to their departure. BULK Space is unable to accommodate storage.